Dictionary of Fisheries and Aquaculture
B Laxmappa
Rs 506
Rs 595
15% off
Crop Production & Management
R KNaresh, S S Dhaliwal, Vivek, SS Tomar, N C Maha…
Rs 4000
Rs 5195
23% off
Comprehensive Book on Goat Farming
Surinder K Gupta and Suraj Amrutkar
Rs 1813
Rs 2295
21% off
Coastal Aquaculture and Mariculture
S Athithan
Rs 2287
Rs 2895
21% off
Chemotherapy and Aquatic Therapeutics
A Uma, A Angela Mercy and K Karal Marx
Rs 2287
Rs 2895
21% off
Broodstock Management & Quality Fish Seed Producti…
K Karal Marx, J K Sundaray, A Rathipriya and M Mut…
Rs 1734
Rs 2195
21% off
Biofloc Technology: SOPS for FLOC and Sludge Quali…
S Felix and M Menaga
Rs 1390
Rs 1695
18% off
Basic Antimicrobial Therapy in Animals
Arpita Shrivastav and Neeraj Shrivastav
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Agroforestry and its Applications
R K Naresh, S S Dhaliwal, Vivek, S S Tomar, N C Ma…
Rs 2603
Rs 3295
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Workshop Technology & Practices
Dinesh J P Dubey, Nilmani Sahu and A K Dave
Rs 2603
Rs 3295
21% off
The Wealth of Perennial Vegetables in India
A K Pandey
Rs 3350
Rs 4295
22% off
Text Book on Agronomic Management of Soil Producti…
C Jayanthi, R Kalpana and D Ravishankar
Rs 2570
Rs 3295
22% off
Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation Cro…
M Kavino, V Jegadeeswari, R MVijayakumar and S Bal…
Rs 3038
Rs 3895
22% off
Plant Growth Regulators in Tropical & Sub Tropical…
Prof (Dr) S N Ghosh, Dr R K Tarai and Dr T R Ahlaw…
Rs 5456
Rs 6995
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Orchids of India: A Handbook
Sarat Misra
Rs 4108
Rs 4950
17% off
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Evaluation
H S Srivastava
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
20% off
Practical Approaches in Horticulture
Rajaneesh Singh and Bijendra Kumar Singh
Rs 1756
Rs 2195
20% off
Protected Cultivation of Flowers
Sachin Tyagi and Sanjay Sahay
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
20% off
Practical Microbbiology (Second Edition)
Bharti Arora and D R Arora
Rs 431
Rs 495
13% off
Efficiency of Vegetable Marketing: A Study with th…
Tushar Ranjan Sahoo and Saroj Kumar Sahoo
Rs 944
Rs 1195
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