Selected Readings on Enduring Challenges in West A…
Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui and Mohammad Sohrab
Rs 908
Rs 1150
21% off
In the Name of Development: Impoverishment and Mar…
Ankit Patel
Rs 488
Rs 595
18% off
Critical Debates in Social Sciences
Edited by Bedriye Tuncsiper and Ferhan Sayin
Rs 836
Rs 995
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K Ramasubramanian, Takao Hayashi and Clemency Mont…
Rs 1088
Rs 1295
16% off
Studies in Indian Mathematics and Astronomy: Selec…
Edited by Aditya Kolachana, K Mahesh and K Ramasub…
Rs 1302
Rs 1550
16% off
Modern Indian Education: History, Development and …
J C Aggarwal
Rs 1145
Rs 1450
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Mekong-Ganga Co-operation and India's Act East Pol…
Anju Swami and Manisha Swami
Rs 573
Rs 725
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Disaster Management and Sustainable Development
Niranjan Sahoo
Rs 699
Rs 885
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25 Years of India-ASEAN Economic Co-Operation
Vishal Sarin
Rs 624
Rs 780
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Twenty First Century Unrest in West Asia: Socio-ec…
K M Sajad Ibrahim
Rs 913
Rs 1170
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Climate Change and Paris Agreement: Challenges aft…
Pradeep S Chauhan
Rs 632
Rs 790
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Sacred Moments: Reflections on Buddhist Rites and …
Edited by Paul H. de Neui
Rs 798
Rs 950
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The Steel Frame: A History Of The IAS
Deepak Gupta
Rs 584
Rs 695
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Mary for Modern Times: Reflections on Meaning and …
S Stephen Jayard
Rs 222
Rs 250
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Kingship in the Enthronement Psalms: A Historical …
Husazulu Chuzho
Rs 1008
Rs 1200
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Luther's Small Catechism : An Exposition of the Ch…
Edited by J Paul Rajashekar
Rs 425
Rs 500
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Yoginitantra with Hindi Commentary (Sanskrit & Hin…
Pt. Harihar Prasad Tripathi
Rs 256
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Sangeet Swarit (UGC dwara nirdharit manak ke anusa…
Dr Ramakant Dwivedi
Rs 798
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Vagdevi ke Varad Putra Vishvavikhyat Visisth Vagge…
Late Prof. Pradeep Kumar Bhupendranath Dixit 'Nehr…
Rs 1170
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Joy in Coorg
Tilak Ponappa
Rs 251
Rs 295
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Safar Sipahi Ka: School se Sarhad Tak (Hindi)
Ashok Kumar Sharma
Rs 1196
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Indian Tourism: Policy Issues and Alternatives
Edited by M R Biju and M R B Anantha Padmanabha
Rs 987
Rs 1250
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Patna Rail-Cum-Road Bridge - Journey (East Central…
Madhuresh Kumar and L M Jha
Rs 4196
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Mysteries of the Universe
Shashi Ranjan Kumar
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Essentials of Veterinary Toxicology
Naveen Kumar
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Land Lust
Joginder Paul
Rs 294
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Role of Mental Abilities in Learning of Biological…
Dilip Kumar Singh
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L Inde francaise et la Grande Guerre / French Indi…
Vanessa Caru, Jacques Fremeaux, Muhammad Lutful Ha…
Rs 1000
Rs 1000
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