Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Medicine

  • Title : Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Medicine
  • Author : Archith Boloor and Ramadas Nayak
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352704941
  • Year : 2018
  • MRP : Rs 1095
  • Selling Price : Rs 964
  • Discount : 12%
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Thoroughly revised and updated edition. Key points are highlighted with colour codes for last minute revision. Covers all the questions appeared in university examinations till January 2018. Management practices have been updated till March 2018. Includes colourful clinical images and case scenarios. Added X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ECG images of common conditions with explanations. Attractive management algorithms have been revised and updated. Topics regarding clinical trials and research methodology have been added. A full chapter on ‘common emergencies in medicine’ is included as a ready reckoner. Exclusive coverage of high yielding points which is important for answering MCQs (PG entrance exams). Comprehensive information in compact boxes and figures, making it a ready reckoner. Includes recent advances, newer drugs and upcoming sections of geriatrics, immunology and clinical pharmacology. Use of different colour codes to describe etiology, management and treatment of all diseases. Pathogenesis of every disease is presented in the form of colourful flowcharts. Life cycle diagrams of malarial parasites are presented along with description. More than 20 latest editions of standard textbooks have been referred and compiled. Appendices provide reference values of common laboratory investigations and commonly used formulae and neurology examination format.