Grasslands of North Western Kashmir Himalaya: An Ecological Appraisal

  • Title : Grasslands of North Western Kashmir Himalaya: An Ecological Appraisal
  • Author : Javaid M Dad
  • ISBN 13 : 9788121110044
  • Year : 2019
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Very often, the authors mention reasons to rationalize as why they are adding one more book to the existing huge narrative on that subject. However, only little; that deals exclusively with the Grasslands of Kashmir Himalaya, has been published, and hence I am spared from that, I sense. But nonetheless, if one asks me as what encouraged me to put this volume; my reply would be: a. There is specifically no book which deals exclusively with Grasslands of Kashmir Himalaya. b. On a conservation and management hierarchy, the Kashmir Himalayan Grasslands have always been on the bottom and we (and it includes all; be it academicians, policy makers, government organizations, researchers etc) have almost always tried to pass the buck and link their degradation to pastorals and nomads. However digging deep, it is not always so. This myopic standpoint is severely impeding our conservation and management goal. This in brief, is what prompted me to write this book. It would be evident from the content list of the book that several subjects dealt with, have perhaps never before been presented in such simple and concise manner so as to be readable by non-ecologists and remain useful for even the experienced workers. The book is distributed over six chapters. As introduction, an overview of grassland ecosystems of world including India is provided, followed by a concise summary of climate and vegetation of Kashmir Himalaya. Information related to Kashmir Himalayan Grasslands like their distribution, diversity, community attributes and vegetation environment relationship is provided in third chapter.