Forest Nursery: How to Raise and Manage

  • Title : Forest Nursery: How to Raise and Manage
  • Author : S S Sagwal
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388043991
  • Year : 2020
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In the present era, the man has progressed very rapidly but due to the unending and multifarious, malpractices and manifold increase in human population; the forests are depleted and thus decreased to a vast extent. To increase the area under forest, a good and healthy forest nursery is very important for afforestation/ planting and thus getting good stock for future programme. Thus raising of nursery, of many species of trees grow very slow. If, the seeds are sown directly in the planting-out site, weed infestation may be an acute problem. The foreign/exotic species, e.g. Eucalyptus, Populus, etc. are raised first in nursery and therefore, planted/ transplanted in the field/ planting-out site afterwards. In this book," FOREST NURSERY- How to Raise and Manage" mainly two types of forest nursery have been discussed in details, viz., (a) Bare rooted seedlings nursery and (b) Containerised seedings nursery. The Present Book ," FOREST NURSERY- How to Raise and Manage", is a very sincere attempt to explore the good knowledge and vast information. This book has been written very consciously and earnestly in a very lucid language which can be understood by less educated nursery men. It is very much expected that the present book will prove very helpful in raising and managing the forest Nursery. Moreover, this is a very handy and very informative book for students, teachers, forest scientists, nursery men and all concerned with the subject.