Mahesh Dattani: Themes, Techniques and Issues

  • Title : Mahesh Dattani: Themes, Techniques and Issues
  • Author : Bishun Kumar and Neha Arora
  • ISBN 13 : 9788126920471
  • Year : 2019
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The present anthology entitled Mahesh Dattani: Themes Techniques and Issues is an assortment of scholarly research papers on fresh perspectives and explorations from the texts of Dattani. Mahesh Dattani is a renowned name in the history of contemporary Indian English drama. He observes complicacies of human life with optimism and gives energy to his audiences/readers with expected solution instead of leaving them confused and bewildered. The book covers Dattani's Tara, Final Solution, Morning Raga, Seven Steps around the Fire, Thirty Days in September, Do the Needful, The Big Fat City and Brief Candle and pinpoints the smoldering issues like gender bias, child sexual abuse, incest, communal conflicts, suppression of sexual desires, marginalization of the third sex, humiliation of the homosexuals and lesbians, deterioration at the cost of metropolis lifestyle and hatred towards music and dance, woven in Dattani's plays with a bold attempt but without hurting anyone's faith and culture. The major themes incorporated in the book are fascination for a male child, the female and the male selves of man, the power of optimism in life, exploitation of children for one's own sexual pleasure, imposition of heterosexuality, value of dance and music in life, fascination for metropolitan lifestyle and centrification of the de-centered. The volume has also included papers tracing a variety of techniques such as postmodernist, aside, etc. adding the tremendous texture in the plays of Dattani.