Philosophy in a Meaningless Life: A System of Nihilism, Consciousness and Reality

  • Title : Philosophy in a Meaningless Life: A System of Nihilism, Consciousness and Reality
  • Author : James Tartaglia
  • ISBN 13 : 9789387863392
  • Year : 2018
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This book is open access and available on It is funded by Knowledge Unlatched. Philosophy in a Meaningless Life provides an account of the nature of philosophy which is rooted in the question of the meaning of life. It makes a powerful and vivid case for believing that this question is neither obscure nor obsolete, but reflects a quintessentially human concern to which other traditional philosophical problems can be readily related; allowing them to be reconnected with natural interest, and providing a diagnosis of the typical lines of opposition across philosophy's debates. James Tartaglia looks at the various ways philosophers have tried to avoid the conclusion that life is meaningless, and in the process have distanced philosophy from the concept of transcendence. Rejecting all of this, Tartaglia embraces nihilism ('we are here with nothing to do'), and uses transcendence both to provide a new solution to the problem of consciousness, and to explain away perplexities about time and universals. He concludes that with more self-awareness, philosophy can attain higher status within a culture increasingly in need of it. Table of contents Preface Introduction 1. The Meaninglessness of Life 2. A Survey of Misguided Coping Strategies: Does Nihilism Ruin Your Life? 3. On What Philosophy Is 4. The Problem of Consciousness 5. Consciousness: The Transcendent Hypothesis 6. Time 7. Universals 8. Nihilism, Transcendence, and Philosophy Bibliography Index