Philosophy of Educational Research (Third Edition)

  • Title : Philosophy of Educational Research (Third Edition)
  • Author : Richard Pring
  • ISBN 13 : 9789387863804
  • Year : 2018
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This classic text in educational research literature has been thoroughly updated to take into account new philosophical theories and the current political context for educational research. Remaining, however, are the three, key central themes: the nature of social science in general; the nature of educational enquiry in particular; and the links between the language and concepts of research, on the one hand, and those of practice and policy on the other. In analyzing and interrelating these themes, Richard Pring shows their relationship to such central philosophical concepts as meaning, truth, and objectivity. Table of contents Foreword to Third Edition 1. Setting the scene: criticisms of educational research 2. Doing philosophy: defining what you mean 3. The focus of educational research: practice and policy 4. Research methods: philosophical issues they raise 5. Quantitative and qualitative research: a false dualism 6. Key concepts and recurring conflicts 7. Competing philosophical positions 8. Research into practice: action and practitioner research 9. Quality of educational research 10. Ethical dimensions to educational research 11. Political context of educational research 12. Conclusion: the nature and future of educational research Bibliography Index