Making Sense of Indian Democracy: Theory as Practice (Hardback)

  • Title : Making Sense of Indian Democracy: Theory as Practice (Hardback)
  • Author : Yogendra Yadav
  • ISBN 13 : 9788178245461
  • Year : 2020
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The first section provides a historical overview, the second a comparative overview situating Indian political practices next to those in diverse countries. The third focuses on theory and method to look at the specific nature of the Indian state; at polls, predictions, and psephology; and at the virtues and limits of anthropological fieldwork for understanding political praxis. The last section proposes electoral and democratic reforms that seem desirable and feasible if Indian democracy is to persist. Indian politics is usually written about by journalists and scholars. Yogendra Yadav is almost singular in the Indian political world. Possessing the apparatus of a university professor, he is also a respected TV commentator, a psephologist, and an original thinker. All these aspects are apparent in this book. How did we end up here? This book responds to a question that troubles every student of Indian democracy today. It does so by tracing the history of India's creolised democracy placing its record in comparative perspective assessing the relevant theoreties and methodologies saying what is and what is not to be done.