Tribal Development in India: Challenges and Prospects in Tribal Education (Hardback)

  • Title : Tribal Development in India: Challenges and Prospects in Tribal Education (Hardback)
  • Author : Edited by R R Patil
  • ISBN 13 : 9789353884277
  • Year : 2020
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Tribal development is one of the most important yet underperforming initiatives of the Indian government. For any effort in this direction to succeed, an effective tribal educational programme is necessary. However, major gaps in the implementation of this programme, along with factors such as corruption and political interference, have contributed to severe malfunctioning and ineffectiveness of the Tribal Ashram schools, a residential school system. It is essential to understand these gaps from policy, design, funding, management, monitoring and evaluation perspectives for ensuring effective service delivery to tribal learners. Tribal Development in India: Challenges and Prospects in Tribal Education is a detailed presentation of the multi-pronged effort towards the educational development of India’s tribal population. It includes contributions from academicians and professionals belonging to diverse domains, such as social work, education and administration, and involved in tribal education. The perspectives shared through this book will prove helpful for all stakeholders involved in tribal empowerment through education. Contents: Foreword by Virginius Xaxa Acknowledgements R. R. Patil Introduction PART I Issues of Tribal Education in India Gomati Bodra Hembrom Sociological Analysis of Educational Experiences of Adivasi Children Pradyumna Bag Ethnocentrism in Education: Effects of Hidden Curriculum on Tribal Students Bipin Jojo Status of Tribal Ashram Schools in Maharashtra Saumya Deol and R. R. Patil Language as Instrument of Exclusion and Inclusion in Tribal Educational Development Dhaneswar Bhoi Living Conditions, Learning Status and Educational Performance of Tribal Students S. N. Tripathy Insights on High Dropout Rates among Katkari Tribal Children in Maharashtra Chipemmi Awung Shang and R. R. Patil Education of Scheduled Tribes in Residential Schools in Manipur Prakash Chandra Jena Status and Functioning of Tribal Ashram Schools R. Vasundhara Mohan Educating Tribal Children: Issues PART II Innovation and Best Practices in Tribal Education Noorjahan Kannanjeri and Alkha Dileep Balancing Indigenous Culture and Formal Education: Ashram Schools in Kerala Rajashri Tikhe and Buveneswari Suriyan Ashram School Codebook: Framework for Qualitative Management Saurabh Katiyar Centralized Kitchen: Providing Nutritious and Hygienic Meals to Tribal Students Muhammed Shafi C. T. and R. R. Patil Indira Gandhi Memorial Model Residential School (IGMMRS) in Malappuram, Kerala: A Case Study PART III Rethinking Policy and Planning for Tribal Education Sonal Shivagunde Revisiting Policies and Need for Reform in Tribal Education Naresh Kumar Rethinking Policy Design and Reforms for Tribal Education in India Bibekananda Nayak Inclusive Education Policy for Tribal Ashram Schools in Odisha Mrityunjay K. Singh Ashram Schools and Education of Tribal Children in India: A Policy Perspective D. K. Panmand Government Ashram School: Micro Planning Vetukuri P. S. Raju Financing Tribal Education in India References Index