Reimagining Education @ REVA (Hardback)

  • Title : Reimagining Education @ REVA (Hardback)
  • Author : P Shyama Raju
  • ISBN 13 : 9788177085105
  • Year : 2020
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The objective of publishing this dossier is to ensure that we have a guideline in place as a part of our Post-COVID readiness for the University to function. The guideline has been prepared bearing in mind the fact that if the situations that we live in grow adverse or remain unviable, REVA is future-ready and prepared to face any challenge. Hence, the book that started as a dossier, also carries an insight into the COVID time challenges that REVA University faced undauntingly. The REVA team worked almost magically, covering the syllabus, extended remote support, with consistent and planned remote instruction, online support for counselling and also online assessments and evaluation leading to results being released timely. The book traverses through the last few months chronicling each stage of the University during these difficult times, in the form of captured images, anecdotes, student testimonials and also detailed notes for deeper understanding of the process in most sections. Placement, skill development, employment engagement programmes, webinars, international conferences, training and support for faculty, guest talks were all part of this tapestry of revolutionary education and together REVA Reimagined Education! While guidelines are being laid by many agencies including the UN for reopening of educational institutions, care and forethought is required independently by each of us and therefore I felt the need to bring out a compiled book for our benefit, which perhaps can be a guide for others too. CONTENTS 1. Readiness of REVA in Retrospect 1.1 Re-Shaping the Future 1.2 The Advent of COVID-19 1.3 Continuing Digital Support 1.4 Vantage Point @ REVA 1.4.1 Teaching Learning Support 1.4.2 Step-by-Step Remote Support 1.4.3 Rescheduling 1.4.4 Restructuring 1.5 Mentoring 1.6 REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) 1.7 University Industry Interaction Centre (UIIC) 1.8 REVA NEST 1.8.1 REVA Code Lab 1.9 Career Development 1.10 Research and Innovation Connect 1.11 Assessments and Online Evaluation 1.11.1 Guidelines on the Website 1.12 At the Campus 1.12.1 Halls of Residences 1.12.2 Preventive Measures 1.12.3 Social Distancing and Staff Meeting 1.13 Working towards Society 1.13.1 Community Support 1.14 Concluding Notes 2. Reset: Campus Opening Plan 2.1 Moving Forward: The New Normal 2.2 Campus Access 2.3 Guidelines Shared with the Faculty Were 2.4 For Students 2.5 Guidelines for Wearing Face Masks 2.6 Sample of Guidelines for Students 2.7 Housekeeping Protocols 2.8 Post-COVID Lockdown World at the Hostels 2.9 Re-engineered Academic experience 2.9.1 The Blended Mode 2.9.2 Planning Online Assignments 2.9.3 E-Content Guidelines: Academic Planning 2.10 Steps followed while planning the Academic Deliverables Post-COVID 2.11 A Sample Structure for a Non-Engineering School (School of Commerce and Management Studies) 2.12 Post-COVID Commencement of Academic Session: A New Norm: Message from the School Director 2.13 Sample Monthly Plan for Online Teaching-Learning 2.14 Wireframe of Classes for School of Commerce and Management Studies: A Sample 2.15 Seating Arrangement for Offline Classes 2.16 REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) 3. Recovery Strategies for REVA: The New Normal 3.1 Mentoring 3.1.1 Insightful Mentoring 3.1.2 Mentor as a Person 3.1.3 Mentoring as a Process 3.2 Expectations from Teacher as a Mentor 3.3 Types of Mentoring 3.3.1 One-to-One Mentoring 3.3.2 Distance Mentoring 3.3.3 Group Mentoring 3.3.4 Effective Mentoring 3.4 Process of Mentoring 3.5 Outcomes of Mentoring 3.6 Benefits to Mentors 3.7 Health and Hygiene: Physical and Mental Activity 3.8 Campus Readiness 3.9 Digital Readiness 3.9.1 IT Infrastructure 3.9.2 Culture and Eco-system 3.9.3 Project Management 3.10 E-Content 3.11 Placement Readiness and Virtual Placement 3.11.1 Recruitment Migration from Taboo Process to Virtual 3.11.2 What is Virtual Campus Recruiting? 3.11.3 Training Offered through CDC 3.12 Central Library Readiness 3.13 REVA NEST 3.14 Virtual Farewell 3.15 Concluding Notes