Library Without the Walls (2 Vols)

  • Title : Library Without the Walls (2 Vols)
  • Author : A E Bostwick and L M Janzow
  • ISBN 13 : 9788130717821
  • Year : 2020
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  • Selling Price : Rs 2212
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This new volume in the series of Classics of American Librarianship is devoted to the circulation of books in its various phases; that is, to the library’s activities without its walls. Several phases of extension, however, are not dealt with here, as they will be treated in another volume. The history of the public library has been recorded in earlier volumes of this series, so that the present volume attempts only to bring together early papers expressing ideas that have developed more fully in later years. Many more papers have been written on the subject, but these selected were chosen principally for their historic value. The papers and addresses included in this volume trace the development of the library as a circulating agency, and have been arranged in two groups — circulation proper, and extension — chronologically under subject. A brief genesis of accessibility may be traced thus: 1. Books to be consulted only by a favored few. 2. By any who paid a required fee. 3. Consulted by anyone, but books could not be taken from the library building. 4. Books were loaned to a favored few. 5 Loaned to those who paid a fee. 6. The modern conception of “free as air and water” to all. CONTENTS – PREFACE – THE PUBLIC LIBRARY MOVEMENT – LOAN AND CHARGING SYSTEMS – HOME USE OF BOOKS – OPEN SHELVES – BRANCH LIBRARIES AND DELIVERY STATIONS – LIBRARY EXTENSION – PARCEL POST – HOME DELIVERY OF BOOKS – INTER-LIBRARY LOANS – LIBRARY WORK WITH THE BLIND – LIBRARY WORK WITH THE FOREIGN-BORN – WORK WITH COLORED PEOPLE – FINES, DELINQUENTS, AND LOSSES – CONTAGIOUS DISEASE AND LIBRARY CIRCULATION – LIBRARY PUBLICITY – FUTURE OF THE PUBLIC LIBRARY The book is part of the ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LIBRARY CURRICULUM. Texts Prepared Under the Auspices of the American Library Association (ALA) Power, R., 11 Volumes; other volumes in the series include: A Library Primer Dana, J. C. A Library Primer for High Schools Severance, H. O. A Primer of Library Practice for Junior Assistants Roebuck & Thorne Library and Adult Education. Report of a Study Made by the American Library Association Library Cataloguing. Quinn, J. H. Library Technique Elliot, C. A. Readings in Library Methods Arnett & Arnett The Library and Its Organization Articles and Addresses The Library and Society. Classics of American Librarianship. Reprints of Papers and Addresses Bostwick, A.E.