Reason and Reform: How Policy Reforms Have Shaped India (Hardback)

  • Title : Reason and Reform: How Policy Reforms Have Shaped India (Hardback)
  • Author : Bibek Debroy and Diwakar Jhurani
  • ISBN 13 : 9789332705401
  • Year : 2021
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  • Selling Price : Rs 700
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A guide to India’s continuing journey of reforms—that uncovers key priority areas and unlocks ideas and insights to shape a better tomorrow. This book attempts to provide perspectives and lessons from some of the most crucial influences and incidents that have impacted Indian public policies. While the thrust is on post-colonial era, many prescriptions from India’s centuries-old legacy of governance principles and policymaking are highlighted. The book covers a breadth of policy subjects in eight themes, from justice delivery to economic planning, institutional governance to infrastructure creation. Short chapters and easy-to-read prose will aid readers keen to grasp the uniquely Indian story spiced with its own share of policy reform experiments, some bitter, some sweet. And hopefully, the information, insights and ideas in this book can be used as tools to drive change by all those who have a stake in India. Contents: Introduction India and Reforms 1. The Anatomy of Reforms in India 2. India’s Policy Legacy 3. The Constitution Law and Order 4. Social Order I 5. Social Order II 6. Justice System 7. Book of Judges 8. Justice Buried Planning and Policy Making 9. The Background to Planning 10. Plans and More 11. Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948 12. The Beginnings of Five-Year Planning 13. Socialism Governance 14. The Rajya Sabha 15. Simultaneous Elections 16. Criminalization of Politics 17. The Village 18. States and Governance Welfare State 19. Public Goods 20. Public Services 21. Subsidizing the Poor 22. Poverty, Inequality and Inequity 23. Basic Income 24. Relative Absolute and Assorted Matters Economic Policy and Performance 25. The Union Budget 26. Tax Terrorism 27. Corporate Social Responsibility 28. State Economies 29. Employment Surveys 30. The National Indicator Framework for SDGs Infrastructure 31. Urban Infrastructure 32. AMRUT and Smart Cities 33. Rural Infrastructure 34. Health Infrastructure 35. Prayagraj and Temple Towns Transportation 36. Railways 37. Roads 38. Water Transport and Waterways 39. Hundred Airports 40. Urban Mobility Conclusion