Agricultural Salinity Assessment and Management
K K Tanji
Rs 1025
Rs 1250
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Agricultural Production Marketing and their Manage…
Kiros Ventura
Rs 1996
Rs 2495
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Innovation of Usar Lands: A Case Study of Etah Dis…
Dr Vishnu Kumar Tomer
Rs 622
Rs 750
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Rice: A Green Revolution for the World
Dr Babita Kumari and Dr P R Tr…
Rs 411
Rs 495
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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Edited by Ateeque Ahmad, Shams…
Rs 1356
Rs 1695
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Fundamentals of Agricultural Statistics
K P Dhamu and K Ramamoorthy
Rs 175
Rs 175
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Compendium on Abbreviations in Agricultural Scienc…
Renu Sankar and Arun Kumar Lal
Rs 524
Rs 595
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Ready Reckoner for ICAR-AIEEA (UG): All India Entr…
Rakesh Kumar Sharma and U D Ch…
Rs 692
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Practical Manual on Agrometeorology
V. Radha Krishna Murthy
Rs 225
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Objective Soil Science for SAUs and ICAR-AIEEA PG …
Ashok D. Kadlag and B. B. Sing…
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Textbook of Intellectual Property in Agriculture
Kalyan Sarma and Dibyajyoti Ta…
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