A Treasure of Pomology (For JRF, SRF, IARI PhD, AR…
Praveen Choyal and Vivek Kumar
Rs 2316
Rs 2895
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A Treatise on Integrated Pest Management
Sivasubramaniam, P. & Samiayy…
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Abiotic Stress and Physiological Process in Plants
A. Bhattacharya
Rs 2772
Rs 3600
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Advance Studies in Agriculture
Renuka Sharma
Rs 2370
Rs 3000
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Advances In Agri-Management General Management Bus…
Rakhi Gupta, Divya Gupta Chowd…
Rs 2465
Rs 2900
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Advances in Disease Pathology of Bast Fibre Crops
Subrata Kumar Ghosh
Rs 2840
Rs 3595
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Advances in ICT in Agriculture
Dr. Chandan Kumar Panda, Dr. A…
Rs 1276
Rs 1595
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Advances in Quality Potato Production and Post-Har…
N.K. Pandey, Dhiraj K. Singh, …
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Advances in Rice Cultivation: A Complete Guide on …
K.A. Ponnusamy and C. Karthike…
Rs 1496
Rs 1995
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Advances in Seed Science and Technology
P S Shukla and Birendra Prasad
Rs 1568
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Agrarian Change from above and below
Seetharama Rao
Rs 638
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Agrarian Crisis in Indian Farmers
Dr. Narayan Sethi, Dr. Sanhita…
Rs 760
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