Jammu & Kashmir: Essays in Society, Culture and Po…
Edited by Abha Chauhan
Rs 826
Rs 995
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Folk Tales of the Santals (Reprint Edition, first …
Indu Roy Chaudhury
Rs 311
Rs 370
16% off
Culture and Society in North East India
Romesh T. Kunba
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Psycho Cultural Analysis of Folklore (In Memory of…
Edited by P Chenna Reddy and M…
Rs 5550
Rs 7500
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Folklore Studies in the Current Globalization (Fes…
Edited by P Chenna Reddy and M…
Rs 6000
Rs 8000
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Religion, Caste, Tribe and Gender: Essays on Socie…
Edited by Greg Bailey, Manoj K…
Rs 1245
Rs 1500
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Customs, Rituals, Cults and Sects
Satendra Singh
Rs 546
Rs 650
16% off
Socio Historical Background of Indian Society and …
Mohan Kumar
Rs 531
Rs 625
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Folktales of Mizoram
Compiled & Edited by Dr Laltlu…
Rs 553
Rs 650
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Plunging the Ocean: Courts, Castes and Courtesans …
Tara Sheemar Malhan
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Society, Economy and Environment of Tista-Brahmapu…
Edited by Kartik Chandra Sutra…
Rs 1200
Rs 1600
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Cultural Heritage of Assam
Edited by Sarit K. Chaudhuri,a…
Rs 1112
Rs 1390
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