Toxicology: New Research Dimensions
Edited by P Nagaraja Rao, Vija…
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
20% off
Traditional Knowledge System: A Study on Fishing i…
Kattoju Ravi and G V Ramana
Rs 431
Rs 495
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Treatise on Mahseer Fishes
Anjam Hussain Barbhuiya and De…
Rs 896
Rs 995
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Trends in Biodiversity and Aquaculture
Edited by Ashwani Wanganeo
Rs 1996
Rs 2495
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Understanding the Sea
B F Chhapgar
Rs 425
Rs 500
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Utilization of Wastewater in Agriculture and Aquac…
S.N. Kaul, A.S. Juwarkar, V.S.…
Rs 765
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Wastewater Treatment in the Fishery Industry
J.F. Gonzalez
Rs 252
Rs 280
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Water Management and Aquatic Ecosystem
Resham Bhalla
Rs 1254
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Water Quality Management for Coastal Aquaculture
Sukumar Bandyopadhyay
Rs 1350
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World Fishes and Aquaculture
R K Yadav
Rs 716
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