Harappan Art: Stone, Bronze Images
D P Sharma
Rs 2310
Rs 3000
23% off
Bronzes from Nalanda
S S Biswas
Rs 1921
Rs 2495
23% off
Prachin Malawa ki Sailotkiran Sthapatya evam Kala …
Ritesh Lot
Rs 1925
Rs 2500
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Indian Jades
M L Nigam
Rs 960
Rs 1200
20% off
Women-A Symbol Of Worship In Ancient Indian Art
Aditi Jain
Rs 250
Rs 250
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The Great Mysore Bhāgavata: Complete Study of a Ma…
B N Goswamy, Robert J Del Bont…
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
22% off
Kama Katha: Ribald and Sensuous in Classical Liter…
M L Varadpande
Rs 1388
Rs 1595
13% off
Kasthakala : The Art of Nepalese Woodcarving Die H…
Heinrich Meyer
Rs 2640
Rs 3000
12% off
History of Indian Temple Architecture Sculpture an…
A K Saxena and Amrita Sen
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
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The Hegemony of Heritage: Ritual and the Record in…
Deborah L Stein
Rs 1244
Rs 1499
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The Gita: Mewari Miniature Painting (1680-1698) by…
Alok Bhalla and Chandra Prakas…
Rs 0
Rs 0
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