Bharatiya Pratimashastra: Paramparik Pravratiya (D…
Dr Anubhuti Chauhan
Rs 355
Rs 395
10% off
Rajasthani Chitrakala me Kalatattav: Ak Sanshipt A…
Dr Rajiv Arya
Rs 332
Rs 400
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Lessons From Hell: Printing and Punishment in Indi…
Edited by Christopher Pinney.
Rs 2212
Rs 2800
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Beijing Xingwei: Contemporary Chinese Time Based A…
Meiling Cheng
Rs 1350
Rs 1500
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The Art of India: Sculpture and Mural Painting (An…
Benoy K Behl
Rs 4750
Rs 5000
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Printress of the Mughal Garden
Brigitte Singh Edited by Bishw…
Rs 3160
Rs 3950
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Goddess Varahi in Indian Art
Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra
Rs 1365
Rs 1750
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Indian Temple Sculpture
John Guy
Rs 1400
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Himalayan Cults: A Study of Lesser Known Religious…
Edited by Richa Kamboj and Vir…
Rs 2765
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Bhartiya Chitron Me Hindu-Muslim Sajha Sanskriti K…
Dr Salendra Kumar
Rs 1520
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India and the World: A History in Nine Stories
Neil MacGregor
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