Monsoon Feelings: A History of Emotions in the Rai…
Edited by Imke Rajamani, Margr…
Rs 1347
Rs 1750
23% off
Naman Narmada: Obeisance To Narmada
Alok Mehta Foreword by Shri Na…
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Puri Paintings: The Chitrakara and His Works
J P Das
Rs 816
Rs 995
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Thanjavur's Gilded Gods: South Indian Paintings in…
Anna L. Dallapiccola with Kuld…
Rs 2240
Rs 2800
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Scent upon a Southern Breeze: The Synaesthetic Art…
Edited by Kavita Singh
Rs 2240
Rs 2800
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Rembrandt and the Inspiration of India
Stephanie Schrader, Catherine …
Rs 2000
Rs 2500
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Deccani paintings, drawings, and manuscripts in th…
John Seyller
Rs 9000
Rs 10000
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Bharatiya Pratimashastra: Paramparik Pravratiya (D…
Dr Anubhuti Chauhan
Rs 355
Rs 395
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Rajasthani Chitrakala me Kalatattav: Ak Sanshipt A…
Dr Rajiv Arya
Rs 332
Rs 400
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Lessons From Hell: Printing and Punishment in Indi…
Edited by Christopher Pinney.
Rs 2212
Rs 2800
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Beijing Xingwei: Contemporary Chinese Time Based A…
Meiling Cheng
Rs 1350
Rs 1500
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