Painting and Photography: At the Jaipur Court
Giles Tillotson and Mrinalini …
Rs 3000
Rs 4000
25% off
The Loves of Krishna in Indian Painting and Poetry
W G Archer
Rs 1280
Rs 1600
20% off
A Magic World: New Visions of Indian Painting
Edited by Molly Emma Aitken
Rs 2240
Rs 2800
20% off
Mughal Paintings: Art and Stories
Sonya Rhie Quintanilla with Do…
Rs 3552
Rs 4440
20% off
The Ramayana in Bengali Folk Paintings
Mandakranta Bose
Rs 652
Rs 795
18% off
Museums and Archives: Preservation, Management and…
Bhujang Ramrao Bobade
Rs 1425
Rs 1850
23% off
Museums: A New Era of Technology
Bhujang Ramrao Bobade and Omsh…
Rs 1348
Rs 1750
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The Colours of Earth: A Study of Indian Folk Paint…
O C Handa
Rs 1887
Rs 2450
23% off
Studies in Indian Painting
Nanalal Chamanlal Mehta
Rs 670
Rs 1000
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Paintings of Bundelkhand: Some Remembered, Some Fo…
Narmada Prasad Upadhyaya and H…
Rs 2324
Rs 2800
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Miniature Paintings of Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II …
Dr M A Nayeem
Rs 2520
Rs 3000
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Bharat evam Nepal ke Pracheen Murtikala ka Tulnatm…
Dr Amita Agarwal
Rs 3465
Rs 4500
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