Palm Leaf Miniatures: The Art of Raghunath Prusti …
J P Das and Joana Williams
Rs 676
Rs 795
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Folk and Tribal Art in India Hardback
Dr Nisha Gupta
Rs 716
Rs 895
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Amarushataka: A Centennial of Love Songs
Harsha V Dehejia
Rs 2975
Rs 3500
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Bhartiya Kala Soundarya Hindi
Dr Mohan Singh Maavari
Rs 270
Rs 300
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Maritime Heritage of India
Edited by K S Behera
Rs 2844
Rs 3600
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Sculpture Art of Sirpur
A K Sharma, Prabhat Kumar Sing…
Rs 1975
Rs 2500
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India Painting from Ajanta Caves
Introduction by Madanjeet Sing…
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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The Patuas of West Bengal and Odisha: An Evaluativ…
Sharmila Chandra
Rs 560
Rs 675
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Pahari Chitrakala me Srngar evam Soudarya (Hindi)
Dr Archna Rani
Rs 2213
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Ajanta me Roop Soudarya (Beautiful Beauty of Forms…
Saroj Bhargava
Rs 3747
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Silent Rock's an Eloquent Testimony: Rock Art Heri…
Sadasiba Pradhan Edited by Ban…
Rs 2160
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Reverse Glass Painting in India
Anna L. Dallapiccola
Rs 1167
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