Indian Art and Culture
Guptajit Pathak
Rs 652
Rs 795
18% off
Matrka Goddess Vaisnavi
Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra
Rs 847
Rs 1100
23% off
Sacred Love: Erotic art in the Temples of Nepal
Shivaji Das
Rs 2025
Rs 2500
19% off
The Cave Temples of India (Reprint edition)
James Fergusson and James Burg…
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
20% off
Devi: The Goddesses of India
John Stratton Hawley and Donna…
Rs 509
Rs 599
15% off
The Myths and Gods of India: The Classic Work on H…
Alain Danielou
Rs 1320
Rs 1500
12% off
Temple Sculptures of Assam
Dr. P.S. Suryah
Rs 714
Rs 850
16% off
Facets of Temple Culture: Perspectives on Religiou…
K. Mavali Rajan, Remya V.P and…
Rs 1732
Rs 2250
23% off
History of Zawar: Temple Architecture and Zinc Sme…
Arvind Kumar
Rs 315
Rs 350
10% off
Vitthalaswamy Temple at Hampi
Dr. K M Suresh
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
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Mahakal and Simhastha (2 Volumes) (Hindi and Engli…
Edited by Ramkumar Ahirwar
Rs 6080
Rs 8000
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