Nehru: The Invention of India
Shashi Tharoor
Rs 424
Rs 499
15% off
Bhupen Hazarika: As I Knew Him
Kalpana Lajmi
Rs 409
Rs 499
15% off
An Indian Backpacker's Diary: Wandering, One Gathe…
Harish Saxena
Rs 591
Rs 695
15% off
Lal Bahadur Shastri: A Real Nationalist from the G…
Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi, Mr Sa…
Rs 1280
Rs 1600
20% off
The Struggle of My Life: Autobiography of Swami Sa…
Translated and Edited by Ramch…
Rs 1186
Rs 1395
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Kanshiram: Leader of The Dalits
Badri Narayan
Rs 424
Rs 499
15% off
Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography
B R Nanda
Rs 293
Rs 345
15% off
The Sarkari Mussalman: Life and Travails of a Sold…
Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah
Rs 577
Rs 695
17% off
Patel: Political Ideas and Policies
Shakti Sinha and Himanshu Roy
Rs 752
Rs 895
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From a Shepherd Boy to an Intellectual: My Memoirs
Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd
Rs 510
Rs 595
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Ek Vaigyanik Ki Aatmakatha (Hindi)
C N R Rao
Rs 382
Rs 450
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Ram Nath Kovind
Gopal Sharma
Rs 339
Rs 400
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