Political and Social Transformations in North Indi…
Edited by Hiroshi Ishii, David…
Rs 1346
Rs 1495
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Politics of Geo-Politics: Continuity and Change in…
Edited by Lok Raj Baral
Rs 631
Rs 799
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Rehearsing for Life: Theatre for Social Change in …
Monica Mottin
Rs 739
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Religion, Secularism, and Ethnicity in Contemporar…
Edited by David N. Gellner & S…
Rs 506
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Revisiting Nepal's Foreign Policy in Contemporary …
Edited by Pramod Jaiswal
Rs 932
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Rural Unrest in Nepal: A History of Resisstance, R…
David Seddon, Suresh Dhakal an…
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Society and Economy in Ancient Nepal
Dr Prakash Narayan
Rs 512
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Spiritual & Cultural Centres of Nepal (Lumbini Gar…
Dr Jamini Devi
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The Eight-Eyed Lord of Kathmandu
Abhay K
Rs 254
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The Kingdom of Nepal: An Analysis of Hindu Culture
Vivienne Kondos
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The Making of 'Cash Maoism' in Nepal: A Thabangi P…
Pawan Patel
Rs 760
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The Muslim Communities of Nepal
David Seddon
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