Challenges and Prospective of Plant Abiotic Stress…
edited by Ratna Kumar Pasala, …
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Rs 5995
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Breeding Research on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
Edited by Christopher B. Johns…
Rs 1440
Rs 1600
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Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils
M S Virdi and Suresh Malviya
Rs 405
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Aromatic and Spice Plants : Utilisation and Conser…
Akhil Baruah
Rs 1800
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Aromatic and Medicinal Plants : Yielding Essential…
M.P. Shiva, Alok Lehri and Alk…
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Aromatic and Essential Oil Plants
Sumitra Joshi
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Alpine Meadows of Uttaranchal : Ecology, Landuse a…
G.S. Rawat
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Agrotechniques of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Edited by V.K. Agarwal and S.D…
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Agrotechniques for High Altitude Medicinal and Aro…
M.C. Nautiyal and B.P. Nautiya…
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Agro-techniques for Umbelliferous Medicinal and Ar…
Avtar Singh Bimbraw
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Agro Enterprises for Rural Development and Livelih…
Edited by J.P. Sharma, Shantan…
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