Role of Public Participation in Disaster Preparedn…
Dr Pawan Kumar
Rs 396
Rs 495
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Disaster Risk and Impact Management: Some Ecohydro…
Anil K Gupta, Sreeja S Nair an…
Rs 1892
Rs 2395
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Drought Management and Desertification Control: St…
Edited by R P Dhir and Kisamba…
Rs 1356
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Disaster Management and Sustainable Development
Niranjan Sahoo
Rs 699
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Disaster Management: Law and Policy
Prof (Dr) S L Deshpande and Dr…
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Earth and Atmospheric Disaster Management: Natural…
Navale Pandharinath
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Numerical Weather Prediction
D. Venkata Bhaskar Rao
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Thar Desert in Retrospect and Prospect
R P Dhir, D C Joshi and S Kath…
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Law Relating to Disaster Management
Dr Priya R Futane
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NGOs in Disaster Management
Rajesh Kumar
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Management of Flood, Tropical Cyclones, Storms, Hu…
Dr Kadambari Sharma and Dr Tan…
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Prakritik Aapda Prabandhan (Hindi)
Dinesh Chauhan
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