Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis: The Uncer…
Ernesto Screpanti
Rs 445
Rs 495
10% off
Fostering Entrepreneurial Success (Prosperity thro…
Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Dibyendu C…
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Cashing in on Cyberpower: How Interdependent Actor…
Mark T. Peters II
Rs 796
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Transport Planning, Policy and Development
Edited by V S Mahajan
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Applications of Econometrics in Economics
Dr Debesh Bhowmik
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Monetary and Fiscal Issues in Development Process
Edited by R.K. Singh
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Trade-Led Economic Growth
Tanya S. and T.K. Shandilya
Rs 1160
Rs 1450
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Macroeconomic Policies for Emerging and Developing…
A Vasudevan and Partha Ray
Rs 743
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Democratizing Development: Struggles for Rights an…
Ranjita Mohanty
Rs 668
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Issues and Concepts of Economics
Rajesh Pal
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