Economic Offences In India: Impact Analysis
Dr Shivani Mohan
Rs 584
Rs 695
16% off
1–800–Worlds: The Making of the Indian Call Centre…
Mathangi Krishnamurthy
Rs 694
Rs 795
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21st Century India: View and Vision
A.P. Thakur and Sunil Pandey
Rs 2362
Rs 2990
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8-11-2016 Rising India
Edited by Sangeeta Mohan
Rs 1328
Rs 1599
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A Concise Handbook of the Indian Economy in the 21…
Edited by Ashima Goyal
Rs 587
Rs 699
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A Consistent Knock
Suresh Kumar
Rs 680
Rs 800
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A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democr…
Josy Joseph
Rs 480
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A Foodie`s Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the …
Eric Holt-Giménez
Rs 535
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A Frayed History: The Journey of Cotton in India H…
Meena Menon and Uzramma
Rs 637
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A New Economic History of Colonial India
Edited by Latika Chaudhary, Bi…
Rs 866
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A New Paradigm to Indian Economy: Myths and Realit…
Edited by Dr. Mallesh N. Sidda…
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