The Rise of Goliath: Twelve Disruptions That Chang…
A K Bhattacharya
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Rs 699
16% off
Resurgent India: Politics, Economics and Governanc…
Bimal Jalan
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Rs 699
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The Diamond Trail: How India Rose to Global Domina…
Shantanu Guha Ray
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Industrial Policy Challenges for India: Global Val…
Smitha Francis
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The Parable of the Pipeline: How Anyone Can Build …
Burke Hedges
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Rs 195
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Respo…
Damien Krichewsky
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Rs 750
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Arunachal Pradesh: Past, Present and Future
Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi, Dr Ma…
Rs 1066
Rs 1350
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The Story of PJ Thomas: An Unsung Economist
E M Thomas
Rs 761
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Human Resources in India: The Potential Untapped
Saju Mathew and Kelengol Neikh…
Rs 880
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Export Marketing of Coir Pith in India
T Jeyanthi Vijayarani and K S …
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Methodological Application of Rorschach Test on Pe…
Dr Krishna Prasad Gogoi
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