Invaders and Infidels From Sindh to Delhi: The 500…
Sandeep Balakrishna
Rs 601
Rs 699
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Mughal Administration (Hardback)
Sir Jadunath Sarkar
Rs 415
Rs 500
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The Revenue Manual of Rajasthan (Seventeenth to Ni…
Edited by Jibraeil
Rs 2374
Rs 2895
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The Route to European Hegemony: India's Intra-Asia…
Ruby Maloni
Rs 1580
Rs 1950
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Rajiya Sultan: Jeewan evam Karya (Hindi) Hardback
Dr Sayed Sadique Ali
Rs 252
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The Babur Nama (Hardback)
Babur Translated by Annette Su…
Rs 912
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Souvenirs D'un Voyage Dans La Tartarie, Le Thibet …
Evariste Regis Huc
Rs 3192
Rs 3800
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The Madras Presidency with Mysore, Coorg and the A…
Edgar Thurston
Rs 996
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New History of the Marathas (3 Vols) Hardback
Govind Sakharam Sardesai
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Tazkiratul Umara of Kewal Ram: Biographical Accoun…
Translated by S M Azizuddin Hu…
Rs 1127
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The Language of History: Sanskrit Narratives of Mu…
Audrey Truschke
Rs 671
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Where Stones Speak: Historical Trails in Mehrauli,…
Rana Safvi and Syed Mohammad Q…
Rs 503
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