History and Law Relating to Human Rights
Rachna Sharma
Rs 716
Rs 895
20% off
An Exploratory Study on Portrayal of Human Rights …
Nishkarsh Shyam Pande
Rs 698
Rs 895
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Anthropology and Human Rights: Challenges and Oppo…
Edited by Buddhadeb Chaudhuri …
Rs 896
Rs 1195
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Awake, Unite, Think, Save And Build The Nation (A …
Adhikarla S Rao
Rs 428
Rs 540
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Awareness of Human Rights in Adolescents
Dr. Nivedita Paul
Rs 480
Rs 600
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Baal Shramiko ke Manvadhikar (Hindi)
Dr Sarvesh Kumar
Rs 680
Rs 850
20% off
Charles Freer Andrews: A Crusader for Human Rights
Mary Thomas
Rs 752
Rs 895
16% off
Child Health and Human Rights: A Study of Law, Pol…
Dr Deepikaa Gupta
Rs 998
Rs 1280
22% off
Child Marriage in India : Socio-Legal and Human Ri…
Jaya Sagade
Rs 491
Rs 545
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Child Soldiers: Practice, Law and Remedies
Wg Cdr (Retd) Dr U C Jha
Rs 816
Rs 995
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Children and Human Rights: From Visions to Impleme…
Anuja Ameri
Rs 1244
Rs 1499
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China: Democracy and Human Rights
Vishnu Shankar Singh
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
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