China: Democracy and Human Rights
Vishnu Shankar Singh
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
18% off
When Rights Embrace Responsibilities: Biocultural …
Giulia Sajeva
Rs 722
Rs 850
15% off
Rights: A Socio-Legal Perspective
Dr Priyamvada Mishra
Rs 722
Rs 850
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Contemporary Reforms of Labour Market and Industri…
Edited by K.R. Shyam Sundar
Rs 1286
Rs 1495
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Human Right
Ab Hamid Mir
Rs 524
Rs 595
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Human Rights Jurisprudence and Indian Constitution
Dr Virender Negi and Dr Monika…
Rs 760
Rs 950
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Child Soldiers: Practice, Law and Remedies
Wg Cdr (Retd) Dr U C Jha
Rs 816
Rs 995
18% off
Human Rights Education: A Global Perspective (Repr…
Hemlata Talesra, Nalini Pancho…
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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Taking Human Rights Forward People's Union for Civ…
Edited by Sanjay Parikh Prefac…
Rs 251
Rs 295
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Economic Development and Human Rights
Dr Rajib Mallik et al
Rs 1478
Rs 1895
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Domestic Workers of the World Unite!: A Global Mov…
Jennifer N. Fish
Rs 761
Rs 895
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Women, Social Justice and Human Rights
V V Devasia and Leelamma Devas…
Rs 1036
Rs 1295
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