Nothing Human is Alien to Me: Aijaz Ahmad in conve…
Aijaz Ahmad and Vijay Prashad
Rs 308
Rs 350
12% off
Block Panchayats as Change Agents in India's Decen…
Manju S Nair, Saisree J G and …
Rs 0
Rs 0
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Making Sense of Indian Democracy: Theory as Practi…
Yogendra Yadav
Rs 836
Rs 995
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The Principles and Practice of Diplomacy (Hardback…
K M Panikkar
Rs 294
Rs 350
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The State and the Citizen
K M Panikkar
Rs 380
Rs 500
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The Politician: A Novel
Devesh Verma
Rs 503
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Tulnatmak Rajniti evam Rajnitik Vishleshan (Hindi)
Dr Anil Kumar Saini
Rs 680
Rs 850
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Bharatiya Rajnitik Vyavastha (Hindi)
Dr Rudal Kumar Singh
Rs 533
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The Gated Republic: India's Public Policy Failures…
Shankkar Aiyar
Rs 608
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Secular Sectarianism: Limits of Subaltern Politics
Edited by Ajay Gudavarthy
Rs 898
Rs 1095
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Middle Class, Media and Modi: The Making of a New …
Nagesh Prabhu
Rs 1144
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Political Theory: Concepts and Debates
Keshab Chandra Ratha
Rs 680
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