The Practice of Diplomacy: Its Evolution, Theory a…
Keith Hamilton and Richard Lan…
Rs 866
Rs 995
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Decentralization, Local Governance, and Social Wel…
Rani D Mullen
Rs 645
Rs 750
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The Humble Cosmopolitan: Rights, Diversity, and Tr…
Luis Cabrera
Rs 1554
Rs 1850
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Corruption, CBI and I: More Than Memoirs of a Vete…
Shantonu Sen and Sanjukta Basu
Rs 339
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Political Representation In India: Ideas and Conte…
Abhay V Datar
Rs 1078
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Bhasha evam Digital Loktantra (Hindi)
Arimardan Kumar Tripathi
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Geopolitics, Democracy and Peace in the 21st Centu…
Balmiki Prasad Singh
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Has Democracy Started Devouring its Own Children: …
Anjani Kumar
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Bharatiya Shasan evam Rajniti (Hindi)
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Blueprint of Political Reforms (Reprint Edition, f…
Subhash C Kashyap
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Navjagran Udarvad aur Rashtravad (Hindi)
Jagdishwar Chaturvedi
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Reading the Muslim on Celluloid: Bollywood, Repres…
Roshni Sengupta
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