Kashmir: A Journey through History
Garry Weare
Rs 1185
Rs 1500
21% off
Trade and Industries of Assam during the Ahom Reig…
Dr Meghali Bora and lProf Naya…
Rs 1382
Rs 1750
21% off
British Administration in Manipur (1891-1947)
Khwairakpam Ibochou Singh
Rs 1160
Rs 1450
20% off
Early History of Kamarupa: From the Earliest Times…
Rai K L Barua Bahadur
Rs 1303
Rs 1650
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Cultural Heritage of Northeast India: Recent Persp…
Alok Tripathi
Rs 3871
Rs 4900
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Faith and Hope: Christian Missions and Churches in…
David R Syiemlieh
Rs 624
Rs 800
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The History of North-Eastern India: Extending from…
Radhagovind Basak
Rs 1309
Rs 1700
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Assam: A Journey Through its Textiles
Krishna Sarma, Savitha Suri an…
Rs 2370
Rs 3000
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The Founding of The Kashmir State: A Biography of …
K M Panikkar
Rs 400
Rs 500
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History and Culture of The Tai-Khamti: A Theravada…
Chow Chandra Mantche
Rs 1497
Rs 1895
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Kalhana's Rajatarangini: A Chronicle of the Kings …
M A Stein Re edited by S Jain
Rs 6560
Rs 8000
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Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat Kurkan
Mansura Haidar
Rs 1308
Rs 1595
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