Kashmir Divine Connect & Sikh Rule
Commodore D S Sodhi, NM
Rs 595
Rs 595
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Kashmir to Karachi
Nighat Hafiz
Rs 695
Rs 695
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Modern Mizoram: history, culture, poetics
P. Thirumal, Laldinpuii and C.…
Rs 552
Rs 650
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Changing Dynamics of Political Participation in Tr…
Dr Aparna De
Rs 1155
Rs 1500
23% off
History of Northeast India: Recent Perspective (Es…
Edited by Alok Tripathi
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
22% off
History of Upper Assam, Upper Burmah and North-Eas…
L W Shakespear
Rs 1264
Rs 1600
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History of the Non-Cooperation Movement in Assam
Sagar Boruah
Rs 826
Rs 995
17% off
Mizoram under the British Rule (second Edition, fi…
Suhas Chatterjee
Rs 574
Rs 700
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Understanding the Lordship of Christ in Paul towar…
Rev. V. L. Krosschhuanmawia
Rs 467
Rs 550
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All About Tripura
Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi and Dr…
Rs 1680
Rs 2100
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A History of Lower Assam (Including B.T.C. Area)
Kasim Ali Ahmed
Rs 585
Rs 650
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Mapping the Path to Maturity: A Connected History …
Edited by Bipasha Raha and Sub…
Rs 1127
Rs 1375
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