Twenty Five Years in Kashmir
John Ray
Rs 195
Rs 195
0% off
Economic History of Jammu and Kashmir
Edited by Farooq Ahmad Shah an…
Rs 1036
Rs 1295
20% off
Negotiating Subaltern Consciousness: A Northeast P…
Edited by Bishnu Charan Dash
Rs 1068
Rs 1200
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Lalitaditya Muktapida: A Great Warrior
Pallavi Singh
Rs 799
Rs 999
20% off
Magical Memoirs: Nagaland 40 Years Ago
Syeda Sakina Ashraf
Rs 445
Rs 495
10% off
The Social History of Kamrupa (3 Vols)
Nagendra Nath Vasu
Rs 2866
Rs 3495
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Statistical Account of the Native State of Manipur…
R Brown F R C S E
Rs 637
Rs 750
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Notes on Krama and Kashmir Saivism
Arijoy Bahattacharya
Rs 202
Rs 2250
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Shaivism in Ancient Kashmir: A Historical and Cult…
John Mohammad Paul
Rs 1950
Rs 2500
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The Making of Early Kashmir: Landscape and Identit…
Shonaleeka Kaul
Rs 637
Rs 750
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Buddhism in Kashmir
Dr Nalinaksha Dutt and Dr Harc…
Rs 225
Rs 250
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Rethinking Sankaradeva's Philosophy in the 21st Ce…
Nilima Sharma
Rs 441
Rs 495
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