Straight Talk
Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi
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Solved Papers For Competitive Law Exams
Kush Kalra
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Dharmshastriya Dand Samhita (aadhunik Paripreshey)…
Divya Bharati
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Dharmshastro me Nyayavyavastha ka Swarup (Hindi)
Shashi Kashyap
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Legal Protection of Marginalised Groups: Socio-Leg…
Edited by Prof Dr Neeru Nakra,…
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Marginalised Groups in India: Legal Mechanism to C…
Edited by Prof Dr Rajni Malhot…
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Legal Protection to Consumers of Professional Serv…
Dr Dnyaneshwar P Chouri
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The Law of Criminal Attempt
Dr Aparajita Dutta
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A Primer on Legislative Support
Dr Moitri Dey, Ms. Paromita Da…
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Privacy 3.0: Unlocking Our Data-Driven Future
Rahul Matthan
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Bharat's GST: Goods & Services Tax: Setting Pace f…
CA. Kashish Gupta
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Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical Ind…
Bayya Subba Rao and P. V. Appa…
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