India's Constitution: Origins ad Evolution (Consti…
Samaraditya Pal and Deepan Kum…
Rs 1756
Rs 1995
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Corporate Insolvency: Law and Practice
Sumant Batra Foreword by Justi…
Rs 1912
Rs 2250
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Goods and Services Tax: Constitutional Law & Polic…
Tarun Jain
Rs 1271
Rs 1495
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International Litigation By and Against India: A C…
Bimal N Patel Forewords by Pro…
Rs 1657
Rs 1950
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Merger Control in India: Law and Practice
Tarun Mathur
Rs 1526
Rs 1795
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Natural Resources Law: Concepts and Approaches
Edited by Prof P Ishwara Bhat …
Rs 846
Rs 995
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Feminism in the Subcontinent and Beyond: Challengi…
Edited by Jaya Sagade, Vedna J…
Rs 841
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Facets of Media Law (2nd Edition)
Madhavi Goradia Divan
Rs 506
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Law Relating to Women and Children (4th Edition)
Dr Mamta Rao Foreword by Justi…
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