6th International Conference on Large Power Transf…
Edited by M. Vijayakumaran, V.…
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A Basic Concept of Civil Engineering
Sunder Narayan
Rs 615
Rs 750
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A Book of Physics: In Perspective
S C Bhargava
Rs 591
Rs 695
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A Friendly Approach to Functional Analysis
Amol Sasane
Rs 1016
Rs 1195
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A Guide to Laboratory Safety and Microscale Organi…
Kale Mayura A and Gabhe Satish…
Rs 225
Rs 250
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A Handbook on Mobile Based Agro-Advisory System: E…
Ram Singh, R.J. Singh and J.K.…
Rs 2320
Rs 2900
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A Lifetime of Moulding Technology and Science Poli…
Edited by Sachin Chaturvedi
Rs 708
Rs 795
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A Microscale Approach to Organic Laboratory Techni…
Pavia and Lampman
Rs 1736
Rs 1995
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A Modern Playbook on Digital Transformation
Amitabh P Mishra and Ashish Ra…
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Rs 595
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