Understanding the Symmetry of Global Jihadi Fact
Dr S Ghosal
Rs 1121
Rs 1495
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Urban Naxalism And Naxal Terror
N N Prasad
Rs 716
Rs 895
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Urban Naxals: The Making of Buddha in a Traffic Ja…
Vivek Agnihotri
Rs 351
Rs 399
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Vanni: A Family's Struggle Through the Sri Lankan …
Benjamin Dix
Rs 671
Rs 799
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Vikas se Harega Naksalavad: Saamaajik Nyay Aur Raj…
Edited by Santosh Mehrotra
Rs 458
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War on Terrorism
Edited by Capt. Mithilesh K Si…
Rs 1088
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World Terrorism and Strategies of Attack
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Rs 956
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Youth Bulge and Rising Terrorism in Pakistan and A…
Shesanjali Panda and Narottam …
Rs 942
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