Approaches Towards Fodder Security in India
Edited by P.K. Ghosh, S K Maha…
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Rs 3995
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Analytical Procedures in Animal Nutrition and Feed…
Vinod Kumar, Muneendra Kumar a…
Rs 660
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Animal Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
B S Paul
Rs 1971
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The Cows of Bangalore: And How I Came to Own One
Shoba Narayan
Rs 297
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Livestock Production Management: A Practical Manua…
Asma Khan, B. Brahma, Dipanjal…
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Text Book of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husban…
O.P. Mishra
Rs 996
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The Semen of Animals and its use for Artificial In…
James Anderson
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Nanotechnology in Aquaculture: Role of Animal Scie…
B. N. Pandey, B. B. Kaliwal, G…
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New Horizons in Biodiversity: Role of Animal Scien…
B. N. Pandey, B. B. Kaliwal, R…
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Role of Animal Sciences in National Development in…
B. B. Kaliwal et. al
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Textbook of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
S. K. Tiwari, Rukmani Dewangan…
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General Veterinary Microbiology: An Introduction
R P Diwakar and R K Diwakar
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