Textbook of Fish Production and Hygiene
Ashwani Kumar, Etsay Kebede As…
Rs 1211
Rs 1495
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Research Progress in Fisheries Science
Edited by Akanksha Thakur
Rs 1800
Rs 2250
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Indian Marine Biology
G Seshappa
Rs 786
Rs 995
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Farmers and Scientific Fish Culture
Edited by Biswajit Goswami, S…
Rs 1324
Rs 1595
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Aquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impacts of Nutrien…
Charles C. Mischke
Rs 3116
Rs 3995
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Advances in Aquaculture Hatchery Technology
Geoff Allan
Rs 3076
Rs 3995
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Modelling Forecasting Artificial Neural Network an…
Ajit K Roy and Niranjan Sarang…
Rs 1324
Rs 1595
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Integrated Fish Farming (Reprint Edition first pub…
Dr. Davendra S. Malik and Nity…
Rs 1075
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Current and Emerging Trends in Aquaculture (Reprin…
P C Thomas
Rs 2336
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Practical Manual on Fish Nutrition and Feed Techno…
Neera Jain and Priti Mishra
Rs 668
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Fish and Fisheries: Aquaculture and Livestock in F…
Dr Swarnim
Rs 1540
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Recent Advances in Fish Ecology, Limnology and Eco…
Editor in Chief Surendra Nath
Rs 680
Rs 800
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