A To Z Geology of India (Stratigraphy and Fossils)…
O P Mathur
Rs 1080
Rs 1350
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An Introduction to Geology
C.I. Gardiner
Rs 560
Rs 700
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Coal Mining and Urbanization
Meenakshi Prasad
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Complete Master Guide GATE Geology and Geophysics …
Amaresh Singh and Jitendra Mis…
Rs 629
Rs 699
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Concepts of Cartography, Remote Sensing and GIS
Dr Kiran Kumar Maltiar and Dr…
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Geo-Informatics for Combating and Degradation
T S Chouhan
Rs 1960
Rs 2450
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Geochemistry and Environmental Geology
Umesh Kumar
Rs 1560
Rs 1950
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Geological Surveys by Ships in the Indian Ocean
Prem Chandra Shrivastava
Rs 591
Rs 695
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Geology and Mineral Resources of Goa
Ashoka G Dessai
Rs 1540
Rs 1895
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Geology of the San Diego Metropolitan Area, Califo…
Michael P. Kennedy
Rs 225
Rs 250
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