The Medicines and Common Medicinal Plants of India…
Edward John Waring
Rs 1038
Rs 1250
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Sorghum Medicinal Food (Medicinal and Industrial P…
U D Chavan
Rs 1971
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Secondary Metabolites of Medicinal Herbs: Biochemi…
Dr M M Abid Ali Khan,
Rs 2128
Rs 2800
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Nutrition and Medicines in Nature (Hardback)
Dr Jairam Singh and Dr Pawan K…
Rs 1140
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Traditional Medicinal Systems and Threatened Medic…
Deepika Bhatt, G C Joshi, Lali…
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Crude Drug Plants of Uttarakhand (Hardback)
Deepshika Arya, G C Joshi and …
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Natural Medicine for Cerebrovascular Diseases (Har…
Edited by Dr Manzoor Ahmad Mir
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Dictionary of Commemorative Plant Generic Names Vo…
Sudhir Chandra
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Medicinal, Aromatic & Spice Plants: Traditional Kn…
Edited by Akhil Baruah
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Recent Advances in Medicinal, Aromatic, and Spice …
Edited by S P Raychaudhuri
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Reviews on Indian Medicinal Plants Volume 22 (Pri …
Edited by Neeraj Tandon, Parul…
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Medicinal Plants of Asia
Giacinto Sakurada
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