The New Age Karyakarta: From Pasting Posters on th…
Sumeet Bhasin
Rs 445
Rs 495
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Indian History and Culture: Some reflections
Edited by Surender Mor and Bab…
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Sources of Medieval Indian History
Arif Ahmad Dar
Rs 446
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Sardar Ajit Singh: The Exiled Revolutionary
Dr Savinder Pal
Rs 355
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The Last Sikh Sovereign Duleep Singh
Dr S S Chhina
Rs 295
Rs 295
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Coolie Lines (Hindi)
Praveen Kumar Jha
Rs 251
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Mughal Administration and the Zamindars of Bihar
Tahir Hussain Ansari
Rs 1308
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Ports and their Hinterlands in India (1700-1950)
Edited by Indu Banga
Rs 1226
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Swimming Upstream: Laxmanshastri Joshi and the Evo…
Arundhati C Khandkar and Ashok…
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Society and Culture during the Mughal Age
P N Chopra
Rs 1540
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