Khilji Kalin Itihas Lekhan (Hindi)
Rakesh Kumar
Rs 529
Rs 630
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What Gandhi Didn't See: Being Indian in South Afri…
Zainab Priya Dala
Rs 424
Rs 499
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British Historiography on Punjab Economy(1849-1947…
Amandeep Kaur
Rs 660
Rs 695
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An Early History of the Mon Region (India) and its…
Lobsang Tenpa
Rs 639
Rs 710
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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Rs 255
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Society and Culture in Indian History
Rajni Chauhan
Rs 697
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Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History
Mushirul Hasan
Rs 369
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Colonial Land Tax and Property Rights: The Agraria…
Thangellapali Vijay Kumar
Rs 1192
Rs 1495
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Gandhi and the Nobel Peace Prize
Rajinder Singh
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Bengal MS Records: A Selected List of 14,136 Lette…
Sir William Wilson Hunter Comp…
Rs 4796
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Clio and Her Descendants: Essays in Honour of Kesa…
Edited by Manu V Devadevan
Rs 1636
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