Harsha Revisited: A Re-Interpretation of Existing …
Shankar Goyal
Rs 500
Rs 595
16% off
History and Culture of Tamil Nadu (As Gleaned from…
Chithra Madhavan Foreword by K…
Rs 902
Rs 1100
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History and Theory: The Study of State, Institutio…
Bhairabi Prasad Sahu and Kesav…
Rs 803
Rs 945
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Pracheen Bharat me Ganita evam Ganitagya: Vikas ev…
Dilip Kumar Tripathi
Rs 1230
Rs 1500
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Ancient India as Described by Megasthenes and Arri…
J W McCrindle
Rs 856
Rs 1070
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The Early History of Bengal (Reprint)
F J Monahan with a Preface by …
Rs 787
Rs 960
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Chanakya and Chandragupta (Reprint Edition)
A S Panchapakesa Ayyar
Rs 1326
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Reflections on the History of North Bengal
Edited by Anil Kumar Sarkar
Rs 619
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Society and Culture in Indian History
Rajni Chauhan
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Maritime History of Ancient Andhra
Bhavaraju Venkata Krishna Rao …
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Sahitiyak Itihas me Srachna aur Samaj: Itihasik Aa…
Robert Wayman Translated by Ka…
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Material and Ideological Factors in Indian History
Tara Chand
Rs 254
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