Hindu Mahasabha in Colonial North India, 1915-1930…
Prabhu Bapu
Rs 770
Rs 895
14% off
Kashmir and Beyond 1966-84: Select Correspondence …
Edited by Jawaid Alam
Rs 419
Rs 499
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Jammu and Kashmir 1949-1964: Select Correspondence…
Edited by Jawaid Alam
Rs 419
Rs 499
16% off
History of Tea: The Beginning and Development of I…
Pradip Baruah
Rs 4176
Rs 5495
24% off
Pondicherry: A Social and Political History
David Annoussamy
Rs 700
Rs 700
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Northern India in the Late Nineteenth Century: Qua…
Edited by Amiya Kumar Bagchi a…
Rs 6630
Rs 8500
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In A Gentle Way We Can Shake The World: Mahatma Ga…
Edited by Bhavya Arya
Rs 257
Rs 295
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The Gazetteer of Sikhim (Reprint Edition, first pu…
H H Risley
Rs 1560
Rs 2000
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Had Patel been Prime Minister
Prafull Goradia
Rs 406
Rs 495
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Animosity at Bay: An Alternative History of the In…
Pallavi Raghavan
Rs 587
Rs 699
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20vi sadi ka Bharatiya Itihas Lekhan or Usme Bihar…
Dr Krishna Kumari
Rs 796
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Colonialism Challenges and Changes: Education in D…
Chhanda Chakraborty
Rs 1936
Rs 2450
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