The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Vio…
William Dalrymple
Rs 587
Rs 699
16% off
Keeping the Jewel in the Crown: The British Betray…
Walter Reid
Rs 335
Rs 399
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Monetary Foundations of the Raj
Edited by Samjit Garg
Rs 2046
Rs 2495
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Early Revenue History of Bengal and the Fifth Repo…
F D Ascoli Edited with an into…
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
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A History of Intoxication: Opium in Assam, 1800-19…
Kawal Deep Kour
Rs 1308
Rs 1595
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The Pleasures at Your Side : Papers from the Wanap…
Benjamin B Cohen
Rs 336
Rs 395
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Third Battalion The Rajputana Rifles `Waffadar Pal…
Col (Dr) Narendar Singh, Ph D
Rs 1151
Rs 1495
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The Cultural Roots of British Devolution
Lokesh Kumar
Rs 1339
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Sardar Ajit Singh: The Exiled Revolutionary
Dr Savinder Pal
Rs 355
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Coolie Lines (Hindi)
Praveen Kumar Jha
Rs 251
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Mauritius Bharatiya Sanskriti ka Hrawal Dasta (Hin…
Prahlad Ramsharan
Rs 716
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Natural History Knowledge, Tamil Coast And The Atl…
S Jeyaseela Stephen
Rs 978
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