Living Through Mahesh Dattani’s Plays
Edited by Dr P.V. Laxmiprasad
Rs 816
Rs 995
18% off
The Popular Arts
Stuart Hall and Paddy Whannel
Rs 744
Rs 875
15% off
Gandhi Virudh Gandh (Hindi)
Ajit Dalvi Translated by Anuya…
Rs 168
Rs 200
16% off
Art Attacks: Violence and Offence-Taking in India
Malvika Maheshwari
Rs 0
Rs 0
15% off
A Poetics of Modernity: Indian Theatre Theory, 185…
Edited by Aparna Bhargava Dhar…
Rs 1866
Rs 2195
15% off
Abhijnanshakuntalam: An Ocean of Love in Nature
Arvind Kumar
Rs 0
Rs 0
10% off
The Theatre of the Hindus
H H Wilson, V Ragavan, K R Pis…
Rs 880
Rs 1000
12% off
Hindi Rang Manch
Dr Rama
Rs 846
Rs 995
15% off
Societal Reflections in Postmodern Drama: The Two …
Priti Bairathi
Rs 612
Rs 795
23% off
Sanskrit Natak aur Natakkar (Hindi)
Dr Ram Avadh Pandey and Shri R…
Rs 274
Rs 315
13% off
Faqeer (Do Anudit Natya Samgrah) Hindi
Translated by Ravindra Nath Ba…
Rs 252
Rs 300
16% off
The Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka: With Introduction,…
M R Kale and Kuljeet Singh
Rs 263
Rs 295
11% off