100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes
Sujata Assomull and Aparna Ram
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Film Television and Radio Production: Elements, Di…
Angela Wadia
Rs 776
Rs 995
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Bollywood Women and Indian Society
Edited by Ambrish Saxena
Rs 600
Rs 750
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Bharatiya Cinema: Vicharo ka Loktantra aur Stri (H…
Edited by Manish Kumar Mishra,…
Rs 702
Rs 900
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Indian Cinema: Filmic Content, Social Interface an…
Edited by Dr Vikrant Kishore, …
Rs 880
Rs 1100
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Modernization of Asian Theatres: Process and Tradi…
Edited by Yasushi Nagata and R…
Rs 896
Rs 1195
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The Thespian: Life and Films of Dilip Kumar
Urmila Lanba
Rs 421
Rs 495
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Styling at The Top: The Journey of Shiva: Bollywoo…
Jayashree Shetty
Rs 419
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A Gandhian Affair: India's Curious Portrayal of Lo…
Sanjay Suri
Rs 419
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Delayed Rays of a Star
Amanda Lee Koe
Rs 419
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Gulzar's Aandhi: Insights into The Film
Saba Mahmood Bashir
Rs 500
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In The Life of a Film Festival: 20 Years of MAMI
Sucheta Chakraborty and Ruplee…
Rs 251
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