Tahrir Square Movement in Egypt
Suhita Saha
Rs 451
Rs 550
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Neighbourhood Initiatives of Modi Government: Chal…
Edited by Nalini Kant Jha and …
Rs 660
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Choices: Inside the Making of India's Foreign Poli…
Shivshankar Menon
Rs 515
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China and Russia: A Lifeline to North Korea
Ashutosh Kumar
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
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Will China's Rise Be Peaceful? The Rise of a Great…
Edited by Asle Toje
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China in the 21st Century
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
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In the Name of Marx
Murzban Jal
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Public Policy and Administration in India
Anurag Pandey
Rs 251
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Sankalp Rashtra Nirman Ka (Pradhanmantri ji ke 'Ma…
Dr Ved Prakash
Rs 425
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Darjeeling Reconsidered: Histories, Politics, Envi…
Edited by Townsend Middleton a…
Rs 807
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Postscripts on Independence: Foreign Policy Ideas,…
Vineet Thakur
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