India-China Trade and Strategy for Frontier Develo…
Major B S Rikhy (Retd)
Rs 1088
Rs 1395
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India and the Cold War
Manu Bhagavan
Rs 503
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Indian Foreign Policy: Identity and Issues
Edited by Ladhu R Choudhary an…
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India-ASEAN Engagements: Economic and Social Dimen…
Edited by Faisal Ahmed
Rs 589
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Democracy in Peril: Donald Trump's America
Alan Friedman
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Containing the China Onslaught: Role of the US, Ja…
Pradip Baijal
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Internal Changes in South Asia: Challenges and Opp…
Bibhuti Bhusan Biswas
Rs 1181
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India: The Future of South Asia (Rise of the New P…
Edited by Karan Kharb
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Indian Ocean: The New Frontier
Edited by Kousar J Azam
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The Costliest Pearl: China’s Struggle for India’s …
Bertil Lintner
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Geopolitics of Himalayan Region: Cultural Politica…
Edited by Alok Bansal and Aayu…
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India’s Pursuit of Energy Security: Domestic Measu…
Ashok Sharma
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