India and Indian Ocean: Past, Present and Future
Piu Chatterjee and Dona Gangul…
Rs 780
Rs 975
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India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strat…
Edited by C D Sahay
Rs 577
Rs 695
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International Politics
Archana Chaturvedi
Rs 560
Rs 700
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India-Nepal Relations: Then and Now
Dr Krishna Kumari
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Power and Diplomacy: India's Foreign Policies Duri…
Zorawar Daulet Singh
Rs 718
Rs 845
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Democratisation In Myanmar: Progress and Prospects
Sonu Trivedi
Rs 436
Rs 545
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India - Uzbekistan Partnership in Regional Peace a…
Batir Tursonov, Gaurav Kumar a…
Rs 636
Rs 795
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Trade Policy for the Third World
S V Hariharan, Neelambar Hatti…
Rs 1080
Rs 1350
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A World Turned Upside Down 2019: SOCIALIST REGISTE…
Leo Panitch and Greg Albo
Rs 489
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Socialist Register 2019 - A World Turned Upside Do…
Leo Panitch and Greg Albo
Rs 489
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Open Embrace: India-US Ties in the Age of Modi and…
Varghese K. George
Rs 509
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