The Politics of Autonomy: Indian Experiences
Edited by Ranabir Samaddar
Rs 777
Rs 925
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Contemporary Governments in Action
Mohan S. Kashikar and Dillipku…
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Unlocking E-Government Potential: Concepts, Cases …
Subhash Bhatnagar
Rs 531
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Constitutional Government and Democracy in India
Brijlal Dixit
Rs 653
Rs 795
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Public Personnel Administration (For Post-Graduate…
Sushant Kumar Kar
Rs 734
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Does India Need A Dictator
Bill K Koul
Rs 506
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A Grammer of Politics
Harold J Laski
Rs 1049
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Deliberative Democracy: Understanding the Indian E…
Teresa Joseph and Siby K Josep…
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Politics in India (Politics in Ancient India, Poli…
Edited by M M Sankhdher and Gu…
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Neta Abhineta: Bollywood Star Power in Indian Poli…
Rasheed kidwai
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