Diminishing India: Decades of Brazen Political Apa…
B R Taneja and Rakesh Duda
Rs 500
Rs 595
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Bharat me Lok Prabandhan (Hindi)
Nishant Jain, IAS and Dr.G L S…
Rs 307
Rs 345
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Panchayats as Institutions of Self-Government : Is…
Dr Nupur Tiwary
Rs 514
Rs 650
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Not Just a Civil Servant (Paperback)
Anil Swarup
Rs 270
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Lok Prashashan: Mool Avdharanaye (Hindi) Hardback
Archana Sawshilya
Rs 584
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Administrative Laws in India (Hardback)
Shukla, Neelanjana Ganguly
Rs 1400
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Echo T Calling: Towards People Centric Governance …
Dr Shailendra Kumar Joshi
Rs 268
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Emerging Trends in Public Administration: Engageme…
Edited by Prof Rajesh Kumar, P…
Rs 1010
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Public Sector Enterprises in India: Evolution, Pri…
Govind Bhattacharjee
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Zila Stariya Lok Shikayat Nivaran Tantra (Sarachan…
Dr Gyanchand Bharti
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Local Government in India
B D Chabra
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