Challenges of Governance: An Insider’s View
B K Chaturvedi
Rs 506
Rs 595
15% off
An India Reimagined: Governance and Administration…
N Ravichandran
Rs 509
Rs 599
15% off
Politics of Alternative Government and Self Govern…
Edited by Samson S Chiru and P…
Rs 1102
Rs 1395
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Your Vote is not Enough: A Citizens’ Charter to Ma…
Professor Rajendra Pratap Gupt…
Rs 254
Rs 299
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Niti Aayog and Planning Commission: Some Reflectio…
K D Saksena
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Davedar: Bhavishya me Kaun karega Bharat ka Netrut…
Priya Sehgal Hindi Translated …
Rs 301
Rs 350
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Development Administration: Dynamics and Challenge…
Jitendra Wasnik and Shyam Shir…
Rs 1120
Rs 1400
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Corridors of Intelligence: Revealing Politics
D V Guruprasad, IPS
Rs 636
Rs 795
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The Steel Frame: A History Of The IAS
Deepak Gupta
Rs 584
Rs 695
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Good Governance in India: Prospects and Challenges
Edited by Vasundhara Mohan and…
Rs 560
Rs 700
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