The Absent Dialogue: Politicians, Bureaucrats, and…
Anit Mukherjee
Rs 924
Rs 1100
16% off
Sansad Mein Aamjan ki Baat (Hindi)
Hukmdev Narayan Yadav
Rs 336
Rs 400
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Good Governance in India : A Myth or a Reality
Edited by Alok Kumar, B.S. Sha…
Rs 1596
Rs 2100
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When Crime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politi…
Milan Vaishnav
Rs 419
Rs 499
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Development Administration in India
Anupama Puri Mahajan
Rs 378
Rs 450
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Bharatiya Rajvyavastha (Fourth edition) - For UPSC…
Rajesh Mishra
Rs 453
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Chanakya's View: Understanding India in Transition
Pavan K Varma
Rs 587
Rs 699
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Challenges of Governance: An Insider’s View
B K Chaturvedi
Rs 506
Rs 595
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An India Reimagined: Governance and Administration…
N Ravichandran
Rs 509
Rs 599
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Politics of Alternative Government and Self Govern…
Edited by Samson S Chiru and P…
Rs 1102
Rs 1395
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Your Vote is not Enough: A Citizens’ Charter to Ma…
Professor Rajendra Pratap Gupt…
Rs 254
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