Advances in Microbiology: Applications and Signifi…
Pawan K Bharti
Rs 1240
Rs 1550
20% off
Biology For Engineers
Rajiv Singal, Gaurav Agarwal a…
Rs 195
Rs 195
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Molecular Biology, Toxicology and Human Health
K K Sharma
Rs 2603
Rs 3295
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Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control …
Edited by R N Pandey, B N Chak…
Rs 7896
Rs 9995
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Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advanc…
Edited by Dinesh Singh, B N Ch…
Rs 7696
Rs 9995
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Agricultural Microbiology
R P Pareek and Navneet Pareek
Rs 1636
Rs 1995
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Environmental Parasitology: Parasites as Emerging …
U R Zargar
Rs 2428
Rs 2995
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Cytochalasin: Incidence and Biological Activities
S Kiran, M Surekha and S.M. Re…
Rs 1435
Rs 1750
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Cell Biology: Viruses, Monera and Genetics
V Verma
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
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Patenting Microorganisms and Genes
Dr Prem Kumar Agrawal, Dr Shah…
Rs 1040
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Pharmaceutical Microbiology: A Comprehensive Appro…
Ravi Kumar Maddali
Rs 472
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Analytical Techniques in Chemical and Biological S…
Deep Mala
Rs 1232
Rs 1600
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